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natasha holland my brother April 23, 2013
I rember the first day you where born,I was in kindergarden.You where so tiny then the terrible twos,you pulled my hair everyday.Christmas morning you fell out of bed momma thought you broke your arm I knew then I was suppose to protect you.Everyday I hate that I wasnt there to drive you home I wish it never happened Tyler misses you so much.Your my angle I love you and momma watch over us ill see you again

It will be 4 years this month since you were taken from all of us that love you.  Life has not been the same since you've been gone. It's like my world has lost something, like I'm in a limbo.  I know you wouldn't want me feeling like this because you truly lived life to the fullest and totally lived in the moment.  You were one of the most unique humans that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Your heart was pure.  
I think about you EVERY day.  I can see still see your smile.  I loved your smile.  I love you Brody.  

Megan Tapp
Brody, I got to know you for six years. I can honestly say that you are the best friend that my brother ever had. I remember the very first night I met you. I was lucky enough to get to ride around in Dylan's Taurus with him to the park in Greenbrier. I remember Dylan getting out of the car and seeing you stroll up on your skateboard wearing your Bam Margera shirt. God I fell for you right then and there. I had the absolute biggest crush on you. I kept asking Dylan questions about you and what you were llike. I'm pretty sure he got annoyed with me. I remember you always being around. No one in our house thought anything of it to see you in the kitchen in the mornings. You were just part of our family. My sisters thought of you as a brother and loved you just as much. They still miss you and talk about you. My mother loved you as a soon too. I still go to my mom's and see her crying and I know it's because she misses you. I still find myself crying. I still miss you. I still crave your presence. I still beg you at night to come visit me in my dreams. I still beg you in my dreams to help me find a way to turn back time. To me, it's hard to explain what you were to me. You were so many things. I truly love you. A love that only happens once in a lifetime. You just have to realize it before it's too late. I wasn't lucky enough to realize my true feelings for you. My judgement was always clouded. I realized I loved you when we secretly dated. I remember our one kiss. It was the best kiss I have ever had in my life. It sent sparks down my spine. And at that moment, I knew we needed to wait to be together. I always knew that in the end, we would get married and have a wonderful life together with a couple of kids. But now that has been taken from us. I really am not the same person anymore. I just can't seem to find happiness. My happiness was taken from me June 23, 2007. One side of me knew that you were my soulmate. The other part of me thought of you as a brother. You cared for me in so many ways that it was hard to distinguish between that. I know that sounds weird, but I can't really explain that. I will say this though, I wouldn't trade my prom night with you for all the money in the world. You made me feel so beautiful and you looked so handsome in your white tux for me. I have so so so many memories with you. Some good, and most funny. I remember that time you tried to beat up Drew Stennet for me. You and him got so drunk and he was being an ass to me and you decided you were going to kick his ass. Thank goodness Dylan broke that up. But I truly appreciate you defending me and making sure that people realized that they couldn't treat me that way. I wish I had gotten to kiss you goodbye. I wish that I could experience our kiss one more time. I have so many regrets now that you are gone. I just wish I could have told you that I truly love you. But I know that you know now.

I'll love you forever and I'll see you again one day Brody.
Jada Hajdu

Dear Brody,

           I can think of a lot of memories we have shared together, but there will never be enough of them.

            I remember our (You, Me & Bradley) daily rituals every morning in your bedroom before school. Always talking about what were going to do that weekend, and how school blows by celebrating with your homemade pipe made out of PVC PIPES. That was the coolest shit I've ever seen....

             I remember the day me and Bradley told you I was pregnant. Which was the same day we told you if it was a boy we were going to name him Brody. I can still remember the look of excitement on your face, and that gorgeous smile from ear to ear. It didn't take me and Bradley long to come up with a name if it was a boy. We knew you were the reason we were going to be expecting a child. If it wasn't for your push on my end and Bradley's end, who knows if we would even be together today. But all thanks and appreciation goes to you for making our family.

              I remember sitting in my apartment and being able to identify the sound of your loud truck pulling in, whipping around the corners. I especially knew it was you when I heard 13 quick and loud stomps up my stairwell. Then hearing the sound of your musical beats with your knuckles on my door. (What I wouldn't give to hear that again.)

             I remember you and Bradley taking me out for a drive right after I had Little Brody, and letting me "Blow Smoke" because i had post partum depression. I don't think you knew at the time what that was, but you quickly figured it out....

            I remember our 4th of July in 2006: you blew your ENTIRE paycheck to buy fireworks for our entertainment. Then firing it off in the middle of the road and you running in the opposite direction as fast as you could before it exploded. Then...due to the drought we've had for weeks, the lot beside us caught on fire!! I have never been so scared in my life! I remember us all running around in circles trying to figure out what to do. Using all the nursery water me and my sister had for our babies, grabbing pots and pans filling them up with water and handing them off to you guys to go drench the out of control fire. Finally after the neighbors came over and we filnally put the crazy fire out, we hear fire trucks at the end of the road. I remember all of us running inside the house, cutting off all lights, locking all doors, and just waiting for someone to come a knocking. I remember us peeping out the windows to see the firefighters (barley through all the smoke!!) with their flashlights to see where the fire was. LOL... We laughed so hard that night! And we all quckly lost our buzz.

         I remember you being so drunk one night, I bought you some popcorn chicken at Sonic, and you did nothing but compliment me and how awesome my homemade chicken had tasted.

         I can honestly go on and on all day long about all the big and small things we have shared throughout our time together. But like I said before, there will never be enough memories to be shared with you. Not many people are what I call "Friend Material", but you Brody, you were not like anybody I've ever known. You have placed me with so many gifts, You being my true friend, Bradley being my husband, and our beautiful 3 year old boy, Brody. I constantly sit and think where and what I would be doing, have you not done what God put you here to do. You have changed my life in so many ways, I feel so guilty not being able to have the chance to give back for what you've done for me. Even with you gone physically you are still helping my family. You are a big part of what keeps us together. Every time me and Bradley have an argument or things get more heated than they should be, Bradley ALWAYS speaks up and says, "Brody wouldn't want us to do this, or We would be destroying the greatest gift Brody has given us." And i know right then and there, you have talked to and touched Bradley's heart in letting him speak out on your wishes for us. And that is something I cannot ignore.

              I totally agree with Nathan in being selfish. There is not a day that goes by I don't ask the Lord Why. Why has he taken you from us? What does he have in store for you to not be able to finsih your life here with us? I don't think I will ever hear the answer that I would like to hear, but you are in a better place. Away from all the HARD LUCK. I love you Brody and miss you more and more everyday. There will come a time we will meet again, but until then I will keep these vivid memories in my mind and replay them everyday.

Much Love,


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